Sunday, December 9, 2018

the story of my student

The story of my students..
Lectures k din beete re bhaiya, ab submission ayo re
The days of submission have begun and now most of them regret of not attending the lectures and not doing the timely submission. For some the word SUBMISSION has started hitting in their mind and for some it is still a long time to go. For some, it seems simply a cake walk , It’s just a matter of one night, I will stay awake for the entire night and finish it all. Lot of chaos all around saying that this subject is pending, that subject is pending, there is a long list to add on. I dint knew this, I dint knew that, the uproar goes on with Ohh no!! I wish I would have attended all the classes. I am finding things way beyond difficult. I just hate this subject. It’s better to just copy and submit rather than putting my brains into it. Anyways my teacher just sees when it is completed rather than the content.
The quarrels among the friends have begun. One grumbling over the other “ Why dint you inform this to me prior. You are so mean. Oh God, so much is pending. Please don’t disturb me right now I have other stuff to be completed. Do it on your own, why do you need help always. She is purposely ignoring me. She is behaving selfish.
There are now questions arising over teachers as well, when did you tell this mam? When did you give the deadline? I have attended all your lecture, dint you notice me? Was this a part of assignment? I have a nice image mam, What if I submit it later? Can you give a few days extra as I was busy with college events????
The entire picture also includes blame game over teachers. This teacher is so cruel; she couldn’t accept my smallest mistake.  This teacher hates me, whatever I do is going to be futile. She is never happy with my work. This teacher is blab la bla and so on…

I am sure every one of us must have relieved their days of submission at college or at school.But I have a few questions to all my teacher friends and students???

Is it important to do the completion time to time??? Does a teacher recognize the early efforts???
Does the last day effort count?
Is the work assigned to students truly much more?
Is there any point of revenge that a teacher holds in mind?
Do we teachers prefer a timely submission or the originality in the content??