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Are you aware that your degree might be responsible for making an extensive contribution towards securing a good job? In most of the cases, we spent time just promoting the significance and the advantages of rich work experience and extra-curricular activities.

We spend a lot of time promoting the benefits of work experience and extra-curricular activities as a way of developing skills that will make you more appealing to graduate recruiters. However, it’s easy to overlook the fact that your degree is responsible for making a substantial contribution to your chances of securing a good job in various domains. Your academic skills will surely give you an edge over others even if you have thorough technical knowledge. Your degree can help you can gain a range of expertise and skills that are valued in any reputed workplace. It is important to hit the right note in order to get the key to success Consciously or may be unconsciously, your degree in any discipline like Arts, history or Philosophy can develop in you the skills that the recruiters generally look for in job applications and at interview. Well-known recruitment firms will definitely value the potential in you and your ability to work flexibly in accordance with the changing work environment.

If you will develop the required skills by exploring various opportunities, you will also develop confidence in the workplace. Your confidence will be reflected while giving presentations at assessment centres and during demonstrating your communication skills. All these qualities are highly sought-after by recruiters globally. Always remember, yours skills and talent will distinguish you from other applicants looking to achieve best in the similar field. It’s found in a study that most career opportunities are available to graduates of any discipline as they develop and identify their expertise and skills through their degree.

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What Literature is to Books - Education is to Mankind

“Nelson Mandela believed that Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world.”

Education is an important gauge to bring in social reforms. The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change. The relationship between education and social change is dual in nature. Education serves as an instrument and also as a product.

Education opens the door to Knowledge, Spirituality, and Humanity. In this competitive world, a person who isn’t well educated finds it hard to survive in the age of inflation, bribery, forgery, etc. Education has broken a number of barriers worldwide and is used as a tool to unfetter an individual. Through child centric learning, students are now able to see their own part in transmutation. Societal change comes from the collective transformation of the individuals within that society. Literacy allows people, particularly those who are marginalized and discriminated to acquire a “critical consciousness”.

The urban areas have travelled the road from developing to developed and rise in the number of educated persons is evidence to this fact. Whereas, the remote areas of our country still remain deprived and untouched from the essence of knowledge. In some parts, education has overcome the social evil of patriarchy due to which the denominators’ conditions have changed. Education not only breaks national but international boundaries as well.

There are two types of relationship between education and social change which are as under:
1. Education as a Mandatory Condition for Social Change:

Past experiences of advanced countries has shown that for any social revolution education is the foremost condition. Illiterate section of the society remains confined with their existing conditions and takes it as their fate. But they’re unaware of the fact that education will help them rationalize their thinking and approach.

2. Education as a result of Social Transmutation:

Education and Social transformation walks hand in hand as it helps to bring in change in social conditions. On the other hand, education is influenced by social change, which clearly depicts that social transformation helps spreading education and vice-versa.

What is Project Based Learning (PBL)

Project Based Learning is a teaching technique in which learners pick up knowledge and aptitude by living up to a stretched out period of time to investigate and react to a complex address, issue, or challenge.

Studies have demonstrated that when actualized well, Project Based Learning (PBL) can build retention of text and enhance students’ state of mind towards learning, in addition to different other benefits. Elements of PBL includes:

Noteworthy Content – At its center, the task is centered around showing students critical learning and skills, determined from guidelines and key ideas at the heart of academic subjects.
21st century capabilities – Students construct abilities, important throughout today’s reality, for example, critical thinking, problem solving, joint efforts, communication, and innovation, which are unequivocally taught and assessed.

In-Depth Inquiry – Students are occupied with an augmented, thorough procedure of making inquiries, utilizing assets, and developing replies.

Voice and Choice – Students are permitted to settle on a few decisions about the items to be made, how they function, and how they utilize their time, guided by the educator and depending upon age level and PBL experience.

Educators can make genuine critical thinking situations by designing queries and assignments that relate to two separate schemas of Inquiry based education: Problem-based realizing, which handles an issue however doesn’t fundamentally incorporate a student project, and project based learning, which includes a complex errand and some type of student presentation, and/or making a real item or ancient rarity.

These inquiry based reaching techniques captivate learners in creating, addressing, and re-examining knowledge, while creating their skills in basic thinking, co-operation, communication, synthesis, reasoning, and resilience . In spite of the fact that these strategies for inquiry based teaching contrast marginally, for effortlessness they’re joined together in these pages and alluded to as Venture based learning or PBL.

What are the Upcoming Jobs to Plan for in the next 10 years

Every individual dream of a promising job opportunity or career after the completion of higher studies or specialization degree. Even a working professional also yarns for the same if they are not happy or satisfied with their present working profile. Hence, it is important to focus on the industries that are adding the most new jobs in the coming decade and that can provide good salary package. It is a fact that you can excel in the field that matches up with their passion and personality. Once you know your passion and area of interest, where you really want to continue your career in, it will narrow your search. After this you can find out the trends that will rule the job market in the next few decades. Some of the fields, which would probably generate highest paying and largest number of jobs in the near future, include the following:

Smart Engineering:

Engineering is one such discipline, which is expected to grow at a much faster rate ie. two and a half times faster than any other industry. Power system, medical engineering, civil engineering, and communication are linked with the population growth. Students can look towards combining power and IT skills to meet the upcoming challenges in the power sector.

Accounts, Finance and Auditing:

Personal investments are expected to increase and more people will seek the help of experts. Hence, the scope of finance sector is definitely on rise. A greater range promising of career options will be available for the development of product and business strategies, to evaluate the value or process chain, making tax strategy to help companies or an individual.


The pharmaceutical industry needs constant innovation to help us live healthy and productive lives. Hence, the patients need experts and specialist for new treatments. New vaccines and treatments are much needed for fatal diseases, thus providing a huge scope in medical sector in the next 10 years.

Computer Programmer:

In near future, the need of computer programmers will surely be on rise for ensuring the security of the country. Due to the increased concerned about the potential terrorism that is also rising. The need of heightened security in many companies is the need of an hour as programming work poses so many security risks. Hence, lot many large employers will revert to using in-house teams of programmers, who will be responsible for monitoring.

Growth in Technology:

With continuous innovation in technology, the requirement of technical experts will also increase. The huge number of electronic devices introduced in the market will need IT professionals to manage, install and network them.

Management Consultant:

Nowadays many companies need help and guidance from outside to resolve various issues and specialized problems rather than keeping their own staff. Hence, there will be a need of consultation house, which would require qualified professionals for helping clients with their problems. Consultation field has emerged as an important arena for professionals having good skills and experience. So an advanced degree in management can help you get this job in one go.

Unlock the Benfits and Career Prospects of Journalism and Mass Comunication

If you are interested to Study Journalism and Mass Communication and want to learn the aspects of this program, then bachelor’s course is perfect for you. The study of all types of media channels prove helpful for conveying the information to the targeted audience. The demand for mass communication program has increased exponentially as it is required in various fields like news media and publishing, public relations and research institutes. Prospective students who have completed their higher education can enroll in this program to develop the skills and the professional approach required to pursue a career in the respective domain. The field is such that there is always the sheer demand of enterprising professionals who can inform and interpret, educate and enlighten the people regarding the social, political as well as the financial development of a nation.

Both print as well as electronic media plays a crucial role in nearly all fields of business and the industry and is becoming more challenging. Students pursuing this program can interact with several people, see trend, undertake various research and can communicate the same in a entirely different manner. This is a great opportunity for those interested reporting, writing, editing, photographing and broadcasting, to name a few. This field has enjoyed remarkable presence for a long time but the actual potential of this field has gained credit in the recent times. A career in journalism is a prestigious profession and offers ample of job opportunities with highly paid salary, if you put in lots of hard work and can play the right card. Opting for Journalism as a profession can bag you promising job opportunities but the competition seems eminent.

Things Every College Graduate Needs To Know "What Not To Do"

Holding a graduate degree, you always feel tense and confused what next now? Isn’t it?
This is very common and there is no reason to be worried about it. The entire life is in front of you and it’s time to take the right decision for your career and the profession you to choose. This will some or the other way decides your future and will give you the reason to take right decision in life.

No Need To Fear Failure
Two things that we usually fear are the ‘fear of failure in your career’ and the ‘fear with family’. Giving an excuse to the family like “I don’t have the time” cannot be accepted. Take out time for family and spend that quality time with them as you will surely regret it later. Another aspect is career. It is quite easy nowadays to pursue your dream career and do whatever interests you as you are not bound by many obligations. You will make the life complicated in hurry and trying to make money.

You don’t get to “have it all”
To lead a stress free life, one should always live within their means and save money for the future. Need not to worry about money all the time rather pursue what you love and the money will follow. Make sure to find the balance that is right for you and always put your family first then surely you will have all you need.

Show Your Gratitude
Always ensure to say “Thank You” to those who have helped you achieve this position. Make sure to show your gratitude whenever you meet them, this will make them happy. Besides, always try to help them whenever they need them.


Canteen is a place where students of all courses interact with each other and enjoy the good food. After long hectic sessions in the tutorial classes at college, students feel lethargic and seem a little withdrawn from studies. The Cafeteria at Rai University is a vast extensive region, encompassed by greenery and picturesque excellence, where a mixture of refreshments and suppers are accessible at reasonable rates. We, at Rai University understand the importance of good health and its role to build a healthy mind.  Hence, our well-designed and hygienic canteen in campus supplies quality snacks and eatables and provides students enough place to relax.

The University has got a world-class cafeteria, which is as excellent as any other good-class cafe. It is considerable for its appearance as well as for the menu it offers including beverages, snacks and provision for breakfast and lunch. Unique forethought is taken to give hygienic nourishment to the scholars. A Committee comprising of senior workforce and learner delegates has been constituted to take care of the issues of the cafeteria and to screen the administrations given to the clients.

The cafeteria is substantially more than a school flask. It gives the “feel” nature’s turf. The motif of cafeteria is to provide steady administrations at sensibly valued sustenance, snacks and so forth. Cafeteria is the most loved place with not only scholars but also among our staff members.

Reforms Required within the Indian Education Sector

If India needs to attain the vision in education, what are required aren’t simply reforms however a revolution of sorts. There must be a drastic overhaul of the prevailing education system.

Primary Education
Compulsory and free primary education should get on top of our education agenda. There’s no getting away from enforcing the Constitutional commitment to compulsory education until the age of fourteen years, provided by Article 45 and getting by a historical Supreme Court judgment declaring education as an elementary right.

In the current system of education, the shortage of opportunities for creativity for lecturers as well as students is consistent. Excessive use of textbooks and external examinations, to the exclusion of the method of education, is partially liable for this. Entire generations of teachers haven’t noted any other system and changes within the present system will meet with resistance.

Training of teachers to target areas of learning that can be worked on, computer-aided teaching and technology led learning has to be there in major reforms. The Indian government and State Governments need to facilitate this method by bringing about rules for continuous teacher quality upgradation.

Learning to learn
The current system of book-based and theory-oriented teaching doesn’t instill independent thinking. It ought to be modified to create the scholars learn by practice and experience. This could be initiated from the primary level of education.

Value systems
To build a society with sensible character and citizenship, it’s vital that value education is introduced in pre-school and strengthened in primary, secondary and higher education.

Education Infrastructure
Just as economic infrastructure is seen crucial for the industrial sector, the development of infrastructure of educational institutions should be seen as important to a knowledge society.

Research in education
Research in India is basically an elitist idea. Analysis in the least levels ranging from the undergraduate level within the science and technology fields ought to be inspired. Even the infrastructure offered for analysis and development is poor and archaic.

Physical Education
There is no stress on physical development in our school curriculum. There’s a desire to encourage sports activities by providing the required infrastructure. The prevailing resources of Sports Authority of India and different sports bodies within the country ought to be utilized for this critical space.

Extra-curricular activities
One day per week (preferably Saturday) must be mandatorily put aside for extra-curricular activities like games, study visits, arts and crafts and similar activities at the primary school and secondary school level.

Guest Blogger: Prabjeet Kaur

New Initiative by Modi Goverment to invest on Virtual Classrooms In Budget

In the upcoming Financial Budget 2014-15, Modi Government’s first budget may invest in virtual class room project to provide better education to students in schools and higher secondary schools/Colleges in villages and small towns. The project is likely to get initiated with an initial funding of Rs 100 Crore. Modi government’s purpose was outlined during President Pranab Mukherjee’s address to the Joint session of Parliament. “It (government) will setup Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) & Virtual Classrooms”, President had said.

According to a source the move is a step forward in achieving the new government’s agenda of digitalization of the development process. During General Lok Sabha elections 2014, BJP in its manifesto, had promised to set up Open Online Courses & Virtual Classrooms so as to create feasibility for the working class & housewives to help them gain more knowledge & qualifications.

The party had said it would launch a national programme for Digital Empowerment through cyber literacy of the people, especially the youth. Also, BJP had said that if it comes into power, it would set up regional ‘Kisan TV’ channels. Thereby, the finance minister is also likely to announce India’s first ever exclusive channel solely dedicated to farmers, expected to be named either Krishi Channel or Kisan Channel. It is likely to function 24 hours a day.

MOOCs Online Learning Smart Mini Colleges In India

Education is something that shapes one’s life and personality and defines success. There are many people in India who are depriving of higher and quality education due to various reasons from family to work responsibilities. Technology and globalization have increased the accessibility of higher education in recent years. MOOCs or Massive Online Open Courses are recent trend in distance or e-learning, offering an opportunity to large number of students to study high quality courses online with prestigious universities at no cost.

MOOCs courses are mainly free open online courses and are the learning hub for those who are deprived of regular studies. These are open to anyone in the world and students need to get enrolled in the institution offering MOOCs that too without or low fees.

MOOCs online learning can be regarded as smart mini colleges providing access to many courses which are being taught at some of the world’s leading universities by leading scholars. These are ideal for independent studies and users can select courses from any institutions offering them. MOOCs online learning method made the courses available on internet and students can watch the lectures online which are often more useful than classroom lectures.

MOOCs learning hub help students by providing opportunities to expand their knowledge and interests without dedicating a fix period of time at college or university. Anyone can be benefited from MOOCs online courses for enhancing both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subjects by combining these courses with regular college or university courses. So they are like mini college as they are available anytime anywhere with only one click.

MOOcs A Smart Learning Hub for Busy Learners

“We are born weak, we need strength; helpless, we need aid; foolish, we need reason. All that we lack at birth, all that we need when we come to man’s estate, is the gift of education”; a famous quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a Genevan philosopher, writer, and composer describes all about the need of education in one’s life.

It is education that defines knowledge and success in every human’s life and lucky are those who have the chance to complete their education without any snag. But for the unfortunates who seek to study after long gap, despite of family and work responsibilities, MOOCs online learning programs are life saviors. Let me explain how!

Most of the time, judgment or decisions of our life are backed with compromises and duress which do not allow us to go forward. But given a chance or time, one always wants to finish the unfinished. Be it the career choice, job or family responsibilities, most of us do not get enough time to continue what we really want to. This gap between the career/life-choice and education need not to remain forever as the Indian Higher Education System embraces online/distance learning or MOOCs education in India to reach out larger section of the society who want to study.

MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses is the method of learning in which courses are made available over web/Internet. These learning programs are available 24/7 and act as a correspondence course over Internet. Being accessible, affordable as well as flexible, MOOCs provide student centric and self-paced learning for their students. Age is no barrier for those who want to study in MOOCs University. According to latest study, nearly 1.4 million students are enrolled at the secondary and higher secondary level through online learning or MOOCs in India making a bridge between discontinued education and present-day academic dreams/ambitions of a student.

Whether you have a full time job or a family responsibility or no time for regular classes due to other life obligations, you can still pursue your educational dream with MOOCs learning hubs available in India.

Media and Communication An Exciting Evolving Area Of Study

Media and communication sector is becoming more diverse and dynamic, and gaining popularity in this era. It is one of the most exciting and evolving area of study among today’s generation. Media and communication studies provide a deep insight into the latest trend of mass communication and various media. It focuses on television, radio, print, Internet, public relations, music, advertising and movies. It also comprises media research and media policy which explains how the media works and impacts the society.

Now-a-days media technology has made communication much easier and  student are taught about media tools to enhance their understanding on various technologies.

Electronic media in communication includes television, radio, computer, cell phones and other devices in association with photography, cinema, broadcasting, advertising, publishing, media and press. It also blends professional courses in digital production, broadcasting and writing.

Communication studies is somewhat a broader term which includes carriers not only in media such marketing, journalism and entertainment but also education, international relations, law, business, management, politics and many more. Students from different academic background can apply for media and communication studies.

A series of lectures, various practical activities, seminars and assessments are given and taught to the students to provide insights into the media world. There are many other carrier options for those who want to go for further studies in this field such as: one can opt for postgraduate degrees like Master of International Relations, International Journalism, MBA in media and communication and Master of Commerce.

Students with masters in media and communication gets opportunity in media industry and get training in the way so that  they can critically analyze how media represents, influences and reflects the world.

Maximize Your Job Potential with a Master's Degree

You might not have realized that a master’s degree can provide you more “Value For Money” than any other program. Planning for a well paid job is what students do just after completing their graduation program, which further depends on the type of field one plans to choose. Presently, health care sector, education sector and business are in the forefront and leading the pack. There are other options available after graduation if you actually want to enter into a highly challenging field of work. Even people looking for a job switch for promotion in the current field or choosing all new career path should always consider a Master’s degree for a high return on education and good salary package.

If you are interested to pursue your career in the financial sector or want to move ahead with a business, a master’s degree in MBA will be your ticket to success. The master’s degree will not only hone your advance skills in administration that is much needed in the present market scenario but will also impress the potential employers to select you from rest of the candidates applying for the similar designation. Besides, you will develop the confidence to apply in those top-notch companies in the industry. Thus, a Master’s Degree in MBA will make you the most eligible candidate when applying for jobs in the financial and other allied sectors.

Everyone is looking for better career opportunities for which they are trying to complete their higher education, which is good news for education majors. In this manner, teachers and administrators are also getting more opportunities and good salary package. We can say that a master’s degree is compulsory for post-secondary teachers and for administrators at present. So it’s high time to crack open those books and start learning to receive that advance skills and master’s degree to excel your chosen field.

Journalism A Lucrative Career Options

Journalism is about investigating and reporting the Events. However Journalism is an exceptionally inconceivable and tremendous field and it incorporates numerous distinctive angles and callings. Whatever the field and mode is, Journalism more or less is a pattern to present the report to the gathering of people in a convenient manner.

Journalism spreads its wings to both government and non government associations. As the media is extending, so is the interest and vitality of the writers is expanding. News-casting in print media is completely distinctive with that in news-casting in sight and sound however, they all work for the groups of onlookers.

Journalism is extensively separated into three classifications documentary, photojournalism, and Editing. Being a writer is an exceedingly mindful occupation and additionally extremely difficult and demanding. Not everybody could be a writer. In the event that you need to pick news coverage as your vocation, you have to be satisfactory in the first place. Regardless of which field of news-casting you are identified with, confidence and presenting ability are the two fundamental necessities to be an effective writer. You must be sure enough to present the precise and exact data to the viewers or the book lovers.

In this Blog we will discuss about a few important reasons that why one should opt for journalism as a career. Keep on reading to know more about it:

1. As matter of first importance, thing that draws an individual to news-casting is its Exposure. An effective columnist gets an opportunity to talk and stroll with the most well known identities of the world which a typical mane can never meet. Regardless of it is US President Barack Obama, artist Lady Gaga, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi or any other person. In the event that you are an effective writer you may find the opportunity to meet these eminent identities. However not every writer get these open doors, yet in the event that you are great at your work you might get the opportunity to achieve the peak of Journalism.

2. Second and exceptionally intriguing thing about Journalism is that you have a tendency to take in a considerable cognizance of things when you are on field. When you meet extraordinary individuals or go to inaccessible spot to blanket the stories you learn while earning. As you meet individuals from diverse fields like politics, media, finance, well being, you get information about every one of them and their separate fields.

3. Making upheaval If you are great at thinking, you can make an unrest in the general public. A pen can work stronger than a sword. A decent and devoted writer can get the contrast administering traditions and uncalled for claims and additionally help individuals to lead their lives in a deferential way.

5. As you move unified with your work in Journalism, you get more exposure. You can push forward with your experience and snatch the advancements soon. In the event that you are working for a little magazine you can get up and go to the heading daily papers of the country and additionally to the TV media.

6. Journalism is the main calling where you find the opportunity to travel everywhere throughout the nation and even abroad on the accounts of your organization. On the off chance that you are great at your work the organization may employ you for the abroad ventures and you can find the opportunity to go abroad on organizations’ costs with all the advantages and extravagances.

Also, you can pick the Freelancing Journalism or on compensation reporting as per your needs and desires. Whether you are a press writer or a TV columnist, everything you need is devotion and diligent work to push forward.

At Rai University, students can enter into a wide range of fields such as Film Production, Journalism, Advertising agencies and Media consultancies. College of Media & Communication (CMAC ), an institution under Rai University, devoted to the study of Journalism & Mass Communication, prepares it’s students for the rapidly growing employment opportunities through a firm focus on innovative and experimental thought process and learning

Implementing effective Road Safety Laws for its Students @Rai University

Implementing Effective Road Safety Laws For its Students @ Rai University
Road accidents slaughter more than 120 lakh individuals and harm more than 50 Crore individuals overall consistently. Everyday 6600 deaths and 3300 serious injuries happen because of RTAs.

The worldwide yearly cost because of RTA is a whopping 2,30,000 million US dollars. Sadly India has the doubtful qualification of having the most noticeably bad record of street security across the world.

To lessen the amount of street activity damages, the pace of administrative change and authorization need to be scurried and more consideration should be paid to helpless street users, for example, people on foot, cyclists and motorcyclists. This calls for an alarmed action and some fundamental road safety steps that must be fused in our daily lives. Road Safety is a multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional subject. It incorporates efficient improvement and administration of streets, procurement of more secure vehicles, and a thorough reaction to mishaps. It depends on advanced activity administration frameworks and practices, enhanced security guidelines in configuration, development, operation and upkeep of streets and generation and support of more secure vehicles.

Most of our students and employees rely on road transport for commuting to college/workplace and travel. Therefore, Rai University has adopted strict rules to protect its students and employees and help develop a safety culture beyond its operation to limit the serious safety risks that it can pose. We have well-trained bus and other drivers with genuine licensing and have imparted in them key-knowledge of driving and road safety rules. They drive only when sober and at rest, use seat-belts and child-restrains, minimize distractions while driving (such as mobile phones), keep a suitable gap between automobiles on the road while driving and not rushing through and no unnecessary overtaking et al. Also our transportation is equipped with good mechanical condition, proper emergency exits, clean windows and looking glasses, working horns, indicators and head and rear lights et al.

Road Safety is an imparted, multi-sectoral, obligation of the legislature and culture stakeholders. The accomplishment of road safety methods in all nations relies on a broad base of help and basic activity from all stakeholders. We hope that our steps for the road safety would help initiate a new niche and bring about a change for the better in bringing effective road safety laws.

Identify Your Strengths to Enjoy a Successful Career

It is important to realize your strengths in order to keep growing and so that you can respond effectively to any questions posed by the recruiter during an interview.

Find the Right Path

Finding the right career path might prove to be one of the difficult tasks while taking the decision. Most of us spend lot of time deciding and planning for holidays than planning for the best career options that will eventually decide our future.  What we are actually looking for and what we exactly want might be little confusing for you, but that is the first thing you need to make out. Also, how we can upgrade and transfer our skills in the present scenario looks challenging. Just simply filling the applications in order to get a secured job won’t help much. Your need to first focus on what you actually want and which field will interest you more. It’s essential to have a clear understanding where precisely your destination is before heading towards a particular path.

Soul Searching

Soul searching is the best practice, if you want to seek answers which test our motivation. You must have asked yourself several times-Why do I want a job? Which job will suit me best or which career will allow me to learn for my personal growth? What is the best quality in me that will help me excel in the particular field? These questions are tricky. You may not get the best answer unless and until you know yourself well and have taken time to consider these questions earlier.

Finding the Best Fit

Decision making related to career can become easy if you know well what exactly matters to you and who you are. Once you have the understanding what is that thing that is the priority of your life, things become simpler and easier to help you reach your career goals. This also makes your application more competitive and compelling to the top recruiters. Wherever you go or whatever field you choose, you will be able to answer the “Why” “What” and “How” questions without any hesitation. This will also make you happy and you will enjoy attending the interviews as this time you know yourself better.

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How an MBA Degree is Helpful to Grow your Career in Business

Many among us envisage a future in business and want to excl in the field. For such aspirants, a part time or a full-time MBA program can prove to an excellent way to advance your career. Opting for a MBA course in any stream can completely change your perception while developing leadership qualities and original thinking capabilities. What we need to know here is how exactly it helps in business career when it comes to specifics?

Let’s find out the how:

Timeless Courses

When you enroll for a MBA degree, the module that you study are subject specific yet diverse in many other ways. The specific skills that you will learn will help you to get an understanding of various industries and their working style. Skills like how to tackle complex business challenges, how to be a good leaders and how to actually put into practice original thinking, you will learn throughout the course that will prove beneficial if you choose to work in any business field. We can say that, demand for MBA is immense in the market.

Access to Industry Experts

The completion of MBA course will give you access to a plethora of opportunities and resources. One of the highlighted among all would be the contacts with various industry experts from various domains. Lecturers and discussions from entrepreneurial guest speakers, can guide you well as they provide insight into some of the most prominent fundamental aspects of the business. The lessons you will learn from them would be really helpful to put your learning in the right context.


Opting for an MBA course opens the door for networking both externally and internally and allows you to stay abreast with the latest developments taking place in the market (in context of commercial environment).  During the course of time, the program introduce with the people with similar interest with whom you might share a similar drive and thirst for success. This will help you to become a sought-after candidate when it comes to moving on in your chosen profession. After the completion of the course, you would have list of valuable business contacts that will help you develop your position in the market in future.

Hotel Management - A Lucrative Career for Boys n Girls

Industry of Hotel management becomes more global with the globalization ahead getting with more and more countries. Hotel management is the basic part of hospitality industry. It has large employment opportunities for the desired candidates. Nowadays hotel owners are opening new branches in a variety of big and small cities, because of this requirement for skilled hotel management professionals is huge. This is also considered as one of the most attractive careers, nowadays the requirement of perfect hotel management professionals become huge who can able to maintain their cool in the most challenging situations.

Under Hotel Management variety of departments comes; such as Hotel & Restaurant management, Hospital Administration and Catering, Cruise Ship Hotel management, Hotel and Tourism Associations, Club management, Airline Catering and Cabin Services, Forest Lodges, Guest Houses etc. in the next few years it is chance that demand of HM candidates increases more because of growth of global travel industry and aviation industry.


Eligibility criteria may different for the different universities/colleges/institutes, the minimum eligibility criteria for an UG course in hotel management is 10+2 with minimum 50% marks. You can also do diploma or certification courses in Hotel management then you can apply for it after completing matriculation or 10th board.

Is HM Right Career for Me?

Selecting a perfect career is one of the difficult task for any, but to face success it is the initial thing to select a career/course that provide you job that suits to you.

After completing Hotel Management you have to work in various profiles such as management, housekeeping, food and beverage service, front office operation, sales and marketing, accounting or any other department according to the particular requirement. If you are comfort with these work profile then it is the course that take your career to the success.

Different Roles, Different Names

General Managers: In this role you are in charge for all operations in a hotel.
Resident Managers: In this job you have available at just a call away.
Executive Housekeepers: You have to make sure cleanliness in the hotel.
Front Office Managers: In most of the hotels they have front desk, Front Office Managers manage the same.
Convention Services Managers: These professionals are works with the client and the describe facilities offered by the hotel for different conventions, meetings, seminars, etc.

Hostel Facilities at Rai University, Ahmedabad

A Home Away from Home

Hostel Facilities at Rai University, Ahmedabad
Rai University gives Hostel facility to its scholars. Students from far off places studying can avail our hostel facilities as we have separate well-furnished rooms for boys and girls. They can live in air-conditioned rooms and avail all the other amenities provided in the Hostel. Both girl’ and boy’s lodgings are in the Institute facilities just, subsequently sparing significant time of our students generally consumed on voyaging.

On-Campus living at Rai University is a rejuvenating experience for its understudies. Furnished with contemporary facilities and a pleasing ambiance, the campus is a perfect place to live. Encouraged with well maintained and extensive Hostel settlement, our Hostels guarantee a comfortable and safe stay for both Girls and Boys. Full security is guaranteed and strict control is kept by our security personnel.

All the rooms are spacious and overall ventilated. Agreeable furniture and enough storage space are available in each room to make the stay of our students comfortable. Each room has got an LCD TV joined with a Set-top box for entertainment purpose. Likewise, nutritious and adjusted eating regimen is given in the lodging wreckage to guarantee the physical and mental wellness of the learners. The Hostels are arranged in pollution free range with excellent rich yards and greenery. Strict order is seen in the lodgings with a specific calendar of everything. The Hostel gives its people 24×7 running water and power supply. Hence, it’s a place where students can enjoy a comfortable stay and good food just like their home

Gujarat A home for Vibrant Culture and Excellent Lifestyle

Gujarat acquires the notoriety of better things in life as society reflects the better subtle elements of good and conventional qualities and lifestyle is the very presence of Gujaratis.

Gujarat is a state with high spirits, dynamic society and cheerful celebrations. Thriving is synonymous with organization. Personal satisfaction and expectations for everyday life are high while expenses are low.
Gujarat positions high on the reasonableness scale. Loads of motivations to give – a cosmopolitan air without hassles, extraordinary recreational open doors, a sensible average cost for basic items, an incredible sustenance and social liveliness.

Gujarat is likewise mainstream for the lifestyle and cooking styles that run with the festivals. Conventions very nearly stay unaltered and you get to know the advanced living as Gujarat creates on a speedier development to advancement, affected by outside society. Unmatched customs on the planet, it discusses ‘Home is where the heart is’. However, with changing times the state has succeeded and is on the way of improvement, its kin are unequivocally bound by their aged society and quality framework.

Gujarat is affected with enculturation society imparted to parts of the general public and passed on starting with one era then onto the next. Enculturation has brought together individuals with the ability to think encounter and impact that prompt information and energy about social customs and lifestyles. The part of holding hands to welcome or bow down delivers the goods age impacts as offering adoration. Social frameworks of learning, religious practices and manifestations of masterful declarations have headed approach to more adjusted lifestyles in Gujarat. Individuals of Gujarat are discovered to be imparting social qualities and examples to different areas furthermore develop past national limits towards International society.

In Gujarat, Lifestyle Sustains. Gujarat is ‘paradise on earth’. Ask anybody on the planet and Gujarat is the most esteemed destination to visit in India. Gujarat is the Land of the Legends – where people have genuine feelings of serenity, are profound and live in amicability. The individuals are venturesome turned, co-operative, and strong. They have warm and agreeable nature with characteristics of humankind, Gujaratis are discovered to be most liberal and faithful. It is said, attitude and all is that ‘Has a Big Effect’.

Future of MOOCs in India

In a developing country like India where the major part of population resides in rural areas and people can’t afford to get quality education, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can definitely considered as a game changer. This cost effective way of learning through online medium definitely possess a bright future in India as Government doesn’t have to spend money on the construction of schools and colleges, students do not have to travel up to long distances, no faculty will be needed then what will be required? One only needs to get a laptop or desktop and an internet connection and they are all set to go!

Since learning will be online, it would be different from the conventional method of learning and has the potential to overcome distance and time barriers. Students do not have to attend the lectures in early morning and they will not study under pressure of examination. Here the sole focus is to impart skill based knowledge to the students.

With little guidance, the rural children will successfully get high end education without leaving their roots. Students do not have to move away from their hometown due to non availability of higher educational institutes and their money will be saved. Education will be at home in their comfort zone and students can concentrate more on their studies without any distractions.

Online Education courses in India promote theoretical knowledge rather than practical one, so in this case one can go for these online courses to enhance their practical knowledge. As they are available anytime, anywhere student can combine these courses with their university programs in order to achieve both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Learning will be just one click away for those who seek education. It will empower the people and will help them to raise their socio-economic status. If we look at the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) of India, it is poor comparing to other countries and is a topic of immense concern. In this scenario, these open online courses can be seen as the brightest and the best way to improve this ratio and raise literacy level. Without higher literacy rates, India can never fight poverty and education must reach each and every individual. With mere efforts by the government of India, online education can successfully reach every individual. The technology driven education system and online studies will definitely help India to foster its growth. We will see a better and strong India in future.


With the result portals flooded with percentiles in 90’s and 80’s, resulting into a cut-throat competition, students find it difficult when it comes at seeking admission in their choice of subjects or to pursue higher education.

With an outstanding amount of students coming up with good academic scores, indulgence in some extra-curricular activity may help you stand apart from the crowd. Fetching a good job in a good organisation after your graduation would demand you to have creative and analytical skills in your kitty. Hence, enrolling in an extra-curricular activity is a must and would work wonders for you in future. These activities not only work as a stress buster but also help in the expansion of one’s mental horizons.

Extra-Curricular Activity (ECA) includes Dancing, Singing, Theater, NCC, NSS, etc. Also, ECA gives student an introduction to the world outside books, into the world they’re supposed to live in after completing their education. Hence, it imparts practical knowledge of the outside world to the students through the means of various competitions, making a student confident, practical and self-sufficient. Thanks to out of the box skills, which the ECA equips a student with, provides an edge to the students and make them more social and arm them with a unique view point.

With a few institutions realizing the importance of Extra-curricular Activities, and to uplift the scope for Extra-Curriculars, have started to come up with a certain unique admission criterion for students enrolled in Extra-Curricular’s. Thereby, promoting these non-academic activities through the medium of some relaxation in the admission processes, the bait is hard to resist and, it might witness an increase in the Enrollment ration in the ECA at school levels, at least.

We at Rai University understand the need of Entertainment and out of the box activities, and promote Extra-Curricular Activities among the students, so as to make them more skilful and talented. The university provides its students with non-academic activities through various cultural and sports clubs. The university is the home to the Cultural Club – REET and the sports club i.e. WARRIORS. The cultural club entails its students in regional dances, mimes, carols, fusions, fresher, resonance of songs, games, farewell parties, eating and adorning. Whereas, The Sports Club of Rai University is a saga of efficiency, accuracy, focus and endurance. It encourages its students to indulge in sports activities enabling them to meet the challenges at both physical and mental level.


Engineering is a vast discipline, which has always remained ahead in this competitive market and is gaining importance in all walks of life. It is one of the largest and highly popular fields that students in India opt for to pursue a bright and fulfilling career. The demand and the requirement of engineers are on rise and will definitely increase in the near future.

The admission procedure in engineering colleges is little difficult as you need to go through various process like entrance exam, counseling and finally freezing your college. So, if you are planning to opt for any engineering program, you need to pass all these stages apart from finding the state in which the institution is located. To remain updated, you can join the counseling session that starts pretty early to the admission and the sessions by some colleges continue to be more than two months. Moreover, counseling methods defer from one university to other, like it can be a one-time face-to-face affair or an online one. Hence, always remain remain prepared.

The AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) and IIT-JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) are amongst the most competitive and tough entrance exams for engineering students. Clearing these exams with good marks can help you land in well-known engineering colleges in India. The admission also depends on your choice of university & college and affordability. Go through the admission guide properly that will provide free admission assistance to the prospective students, who have keen interest to get a seat in the respective domain.

Various methods by which, students can get the much needed help regarding admission in engineering college include:

Download solved question papers
Attend mock test
Exam date sheet
Practice latest question paper
Research about other information available online


We are in that season of the year which is overwhelmed by breathtaking style shows. One such goliath style occasion is Lakhme’ Fashion Week which is a half-yearly mold occasion that happens in Mumbai. Its Summer-Resort show happens in February whiles the Winter-Festive show happens each August.

Such occasions empower the junior creators who seek of getting amongst the top style architects. Fashion Designing is the connected workmanship committed to the planning of dress and lifestyle adornments. Style outlining has progressed beyond anyone’s expectations from the architect garments worn by the sovereignty of the antiquated world to the haute couture results of the present.

Fashion Designing is a standout amongst the most alluring vocations and on the off chance that you have an affinity for inventiveness, style and creativity, a profession in style outlining is the one appropriately customized for you. The expression “Fashion” immediately summons pictures of glamour and fabulousness. Universal style showcase in India has given a stimulus to the design business which has risen as the blasting business.

At the same time as every coin has two sides, this glitzy vocation is requesting in the meantime. One need to begin the vocation from ground level and ought to have quietness to turn into an originator. Effective style fashioners have a wide show of aptitudes, including drawing, an eye for shade and composition, a capability to picture ideas in three measurements, and the mechanical abilities included in sewing and cutting numerous types of fabrics.

School of Fashion Technology & Performing Arts, a reputed institution of Rai University offers the following Programs in Fashion Designing:

Graduate Programs in Fashion Designing at Rai University

  • Bachelor Of Fashion Technology 
  • Bachelor Of Interior Design

Career after B.A in English

One of the most frequently asked questions by the students is – what career to choose after B.A in English? B.A in English is a common subject which students opt for as it offers a host of career options for the students. After completing graduation, students generally get confused whether to work or go for further studies. There are many professional courses like Journalism and Mass Communication, Linguistics, Film Editing, Visual communication etc. there are many academic courses like M.A, M.Phil and Ph.D, which students can pursue if they want to go for research work or wants to be a professor.

If they want to work directly after B.A. then they can succeed in business, management and finance, government service, library work, marketing and advertising. Mass communication is a good field for literature students, who have good fluency over the language. There are many other courses that help students to fetch a good salaried job. Those who complete Masters in Journalism can work as sub-editors and reporters in the print media or as assistant information officer and public relation officer in the Government’s information service and so on. A good personality and fluency can fetch them the job as news reporter on T.V.

EFLU courses stands for English and Foreign Languages University that provides M.A in Media and Mass communication and M.A in English courses. It includes scripting for radio and T.V; writing for newspapers; business writing and oral communication and presentation skills; educational technology; visual communication; media in communication and so on. Graduates from English language and literature can opt for any of the above discussed fields.

Students can also go for management courses such as MBA and Master of Financial Programs and Post Graduate Diploma programs conducted by the leading institutes and universities are very good options. Students who take commerce as an additional subject have even higher prospects. MBA airline and airport management programs are also suitable options for them.

So it is clearly visible that there are a vast number of career options to choose from. You just have to listen to your heart and put the pedal on the metal and go for your dreams.


Modi Shaping Education in India
Just few weeks back there was a chant gone viral in India and the chant was “Ab ki bar Modi sarkar”, supporting Modi for becoming the next PM of India. But now when Modi had succeed in becoming the Prime Minister of India, we Indians are hoping for great reforms in the education sector, so that we can see more qualified Individuals in the field of education, but the question lies that will the reforms promised and planned will be enough for this transformation?

Nine is the no. of Nobel Prize won by the Indians in the field of education out of which only three of them are citizens of India in comparison to approx 250 recipients from USA and 100 from UK. This figure clearly shows that India needs huge reforms in the field of education the reforms should not only focus on increasing the quantity of colleges and university but also by developing the quality which is been provided in the existing ones.

“Ms. Smriti Irani India’s new HRD Minister approached the finance minister asking for grants to create eight new IITs across the nation. She announced her intent to create educational infrastructure and drastically raise the enrolment ratio in the coming 100 days. As an alternative, she chose to push for eight more IITs, despite being informed by the concerned departments about the problems with the existing IITs .“


Students pursuing engineering and dreaming of getting admission in the IITs might be happy about this, but this is not such good news with context to education growth in India. Why?

Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) are unarguably the best engineering universities of the country, at the same time, sadly none of the IITs could ever get into the main 100 world rankings. There are no. of factors due to which IITs are lacking behind by far.

Low Student- Faculty Ratio: IIT’s have a very poor student faculty ratio, currently at around 28 to 35 faculty per IIT. What’s more with the expanded number of IITs, it has gotten considerably more problematic to get quality staff. if government wants to attain the services of highly qualified PhDs and diplomats than they need to increase their funding and offer them salaries they can’t ignore.

Problems with foreign diplomats: The issue is that of the administration and government. It doesn’t permit lasting occupations to outside nationals, only 5 year contracts. Due to lack of job security highly qualified foreigners often tend to ignore teaching positions in government institutions in India.

Low Government Funding is the cause: Government ought to allot more finances to the foundations, which are in condition to catch up with the top 100 world rankings and which shows high potential for growth in near future. They should set objectives and increase the funding in these colleges to improve the infrastructures and facilities provided to the students.

Unknown around the world: International ranking heavily depends on the jobs and position secured by the graduating students. Any of the IIT sites today have old data, even of the workforce, and achievements of students and faculties are not mentioned in the site. Staying up with the latest technologies, having great approach in online networking, and building a sufficient mailing arrangement of academicians around the globe, will increase the visibility and also the ranking reviews score by a good percentage!

Ms. Irani ought to concentrate on how to put an end to the famously startling ragging in colleges all over India, uproot the corrupted controllers in the teaching segment, free the private schooling part from counter-gainful regulations, and decrease the caste based reservations of seats etc. Teachers recruitment scam done by Ex-Haryana CM should be taken into consideration and make sure no such action are repeated.

Primary and secondary school plays a great part in shaping the students for their future, and by keeping this in mind similar plans should be made to provide quality education in the rural and urban parts of the country and help the private investors with their problems.

Few steps which can be taken in context to this reform are-

Repair the broken school buildings across the country and check the conditions of school created by private investors and make sure the fees charged by them are worth it.
Create ‘schools on wheels’, and take these portable schools to remote towns where new school- building will be built eventually and captivate great teachers asap.
Install computers and internet connections with the assistance of it companies such as Wipro and Infosys. Keeping tap of all the facilities provided and make sure of proper financial management. Providing them with the e-resources.
“NCERT textbooks will be rewritten according to the aim and objects of the nation so that it inculcates feeling of patriotism among children. Modernity is not westernization. We want modernity with Indian base,”

– Dinanath Batra

After it was declared that ancient texts will be included in school syllabus. Irani has asked the HRD authorities to create material which demonstrates the commitment of aged India to different fields like science and math, while material being considered contains Hindu writings like Vedas and Upanishads. Such inclusion of Hindu Vedas might create a huge uproar among different religions in the country due to which the plan seems to be delayed. They have to think about the consequences of teaching about only one religion in a multi religious country like India. This country has already faced lots of criticism for its failure in containing religious riots. Students from Kashmir should be given more opportunities to show case there talents, as not using the talent of a whole state do create a lot of drawback while calculating literacy rate of the nation.
In last 10 years there has been only 11 % increase in the literacy rate in India, which is just satisfactory. If literacy rate is going to increase by this rate then it will take about another 25 years for India to compete with the US and European nations. When you look at the percentage of illiterates Indians its just 25 % but calculating this percent with respect to the Indian population it sums up to approx 30 crore.

Smriti Irani has announced that she will propose The Foreign Universities Bill, which will permit outside colleges to enter India. Previously this proposal was made by the UPA government but the party never reached the required no. of seats to pass this bill. The new Foreign Universities Bill is said to be high on the priority for Modi government. To make sure that there is a cut in brain drain in India. With these colleges entering India there will be huge decrease in no of students leaving abroad for further studies.

Government and Private College/University should be given equal priorities as 60% of college going students are enrolled in private university due to lack of good government college, apart from few of them the rest are providing very less scope for success in future. Students going to government colleges are preferred over private college students, while being selected for government job as they want to fulfill their placement quota which leaves many of the qualified students unemployed.

Introduction of Bell Curve method is one of the best ways to ensure that teachers are working efficiently. There are times when teacher teaching same course to different section have different marking criteria, which makes good student suffer due to the teachers negligence. But by following this method students are judged on their performance in relation to the average marks scored by everyone in that particular class. The grades are decided on the basics of student performance in each section rather than batch and grading system is followed which eliminates discrimination among sections due to the act of teachers making the grading system more reliable. This method has been proved very reliable in different European universities and we can hope that same will be the outcome in Indian colleges.

Guest Blogger-Vaibhav Banka


Bothered about your academic results? Lot of choices and do not know what to do? Buy a Magic Lamp and rub it vigorously and Presto! Out pops a Career Guide or Counselor from the lamp’s spout. Is life this simple? Well… you really need to sweat it out to find out what suits you the best. Career is important for every person and one needs the correct impetus.

Everybody wants to have a flourishing career, but not everybody knows how to get on with accomplishing it. There are students who don’t know what their career interests are or even how to make appropriate decisions. That’s where career counseling comes handy.

If this sound familiar to your career story, career guide can help you ascertain what exactly your interests are, and show you a list of career opportunities that are best suitable to you.
Career Counseling for Edifying the Untouched Discipline of Education –
Uncertainty, Indecisiveness, Career burnout… these may be the reasons you want to speak with a professional Career Counselor.

With proper career guidance, you will build up a personalized career plan to help you achieve your career goals. A good career guide will assist you throughout your career decision-making process. It will help you get familiar with hundreds of career options, the entrance exams you have to appear for in order to enroll, list of institutions, etc. Basically, a he / she can help you determine your interests, talents and values in a way to encircle the major career options for you.

Career in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the amalgamation of Biology and Technology and includes a wide array of subjects like biology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular science, engineering , microbiology, etc.

Let’s discuss what all Biotechnology has to offer:
How is the biotechnology sector in India emerging today?

Biotechnology sector in India is developing at a quick pace. Scholastic and examination area and in addition the biotech business are seeing relentless development. Numerous dynamic researches are happening in the field of biotechnology in the nation today. There are such a variety of firms heading up in this segment additionally. Sadly the development of the field in some areas specially Kerala is somewhat low as contrasted with the national level. Despite the fact that the state has equipped ability, there are no motivating forces from government for beginning up firms. So no associations in this division are heading up here.

Piece of advice to biotechnology students for achieving success in their chosen field

There are a lot of professional choices accessible for students in the biotechnology field. One can get into biotech firms as researchers and specialists. Additionally there are positions accessible as employees and examination aides in different organizations and exploration associations. The business is in urgent need of qualified talent so one’s hands will be full with various choices. As a student, one must get into a decent establishment. When you complete your PhD you must have a few publications out. Additionally do a post-doctoral training after the course, which will include more esteem.

School of Engineering & Applied Sciences (SEAS) under Rai University offers BSc, MSc, PGD programmes in the field of Biotechnology. Also, SEAS graduates can pursue careers in the communication field, telecom sector, designing and manufacturing, R&D organizations and software firms.

5 ways to get your brain health during the exam

Everybody tries to or probably wishes to gain that extra brain power for remembering things and or for preventing the decline of cognitive functions. Though there are no shortcuts for improving for sharpening your memory but there are few ways and simple practices that can make your brain healthy.

Some of the tips of brain health boosters that can help you make most out of your mind are as follows:


In various research conducted it has been found that education plays a key role towards protecting the mental function of an individual. In order to enjoy excellent cognitive reserve, one should have good education and anyone who stops learning become old. Against various waning mental functions, learning comes as a remedy. Hence, to keep your mind healthy, you can always try learning new things and continue to practice the same.


In a research it is revealed that people who were least socially integrated and don’t socialize much declined twice when compared with people who were most socially integrated. Socializing with your friends and family members can actually improve your mental health as it encourages you to take better care of yourselves, reduces stress and releases beneficial neurohormones. Thus, staying connected with your dear and loved ones can also help you boost a healthy brain.

Practice Crossword

There are many forms of mental activity that you can practice to give your mind a healthy workout. One such cognitive activity is crossword puzzle. It ensures mentally stimulating function of the brain that helps in delaying the decline of memory in aged people. Reading and playing music are another option to look for.

Workout/ Exercise

The brain shrinks with age and also leads to memory loss, memory impairment and dementia. Luckily, you can avoid all these ailments by regularly exercising. The effects of simple exercise can improve blood flow to the brain and also contributes towards the production of nerve growth factor. Much effort is not needed; exercising for 5 to 10 minutes can surely benefit you while boosting an excellent memory.

Right Eating Habits

There is a crucial link between our eating habits and how our brain functions. It is important to follow a healthy diet to stay mentally fir as overweight can increase the chances of mental health issues. In a research, it has been found that consuming foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as walnuts, salmon and soybeans may improve your memory while ensuring a active brain.

what not to do before exam?

Just before every exam, almost all students find themselves in crawling panic in order to finish their assignments before deadline and preparing for the exams. Since they are serious this time as preparing for college studies prepares you for real world competition. College studies teach you your important lessons of life. You can’t run away from the challenges faced during the last minute preparations for exam.  Find out some of the ways, wherein your brain can make you fool into studying without actually learning:

You are not Squirrel

Mostly students spend time stockpiling the photocopies, printouts, notes and textbooks just before the exams, building a library on your study table. Wait!! If you find doing this to yourself doing this, just take a break. Tell yourself that you cannot stuff all the information into a brain just before the exams. Stay calm, don’t study piling up the books and notes around you, instead start with something manageable for eg. reading one book at a time you were supposed to have read. Remember the things and keep them in your mind before moving on to the next.

Highlighting Text Doesn’t Create Any Magic

Painting the class notes with different colors is what most of us do while remembering them. But let me tell you one thing, this is not helpful but this is just your brain flipping out. It’s very stupid to paint the entire textbook in various colors like a candy!! What you can do instead is, drop the marker and take another sheet. Put down all the important key points, names and dates on that separate page. This will remain handy with you which you can study anywhere easily.

Stop Nest Building

Spending hours deciding what to study and making the time table, crafting the ideal study nest is just a complete wastage of time. Spending time on every single thing that needs to be fixed means not to actually start studying. Trying to reach the ideal study set-up actually is killing the study time. You can utilize the time and start with the subject that interests you most.


It might sound little weird but re-reading your notes several times cannot be counted as studying. Take out time to sit and study other things in the course or you can do problems and equations, if you an engineering student. If you are a history student make a list of important dates, periods and paste in front of your study table. If you are student of English Literature try to write a paragraph or essay discussing your favorite play or novel. Knowledge that makes you actually make you think is what you will always remember.

Don’t Complain

Sitting and complaining that the exam was unfair are biggest mistake students usually do. Complaining that the lectures were not that helpful and didn’t teach us how to prepare for exams is another thing students’ express. But is it a professor’s job to teach you how to prepare for papers? They can only teach you subject and exams are not always the aim of education. Studying in college or university help you to think and do things independently

Fulfilling Dreams

Fulfilling Dreams

If we meet a young girl, and ask her about her life, probably she would talk about her future. If we further ask her, what kind of future you would like to build? She may answer - a kind of future in which I am confident , independent and which will give me financial security throughout my along life respect in society that will help me to lead a to healthy life style.

    Such dreams can be fulfilled only through education. From the time we stepped into the campus to the day we are sharing our feeling about the fulfillment of our dreams, there has been a huge transformation in us. We were not even able to introduce ourselves before someone when we started our journey with Rai University. Words of English and impressive personality feared our hearts, We were too shy and unable to speak or express. The only thought process we had was pessimism. We didn’t knew how to dress, how to eat, present ourselves and face the world. Today our hearts are filled with satisfaction and pride, when we have overcome all these fears and hesitation.  We are able to express to ourselves in English, We have been taught so many things by our faculty members , we understand how to dress , presents ourselves, etiquettes, participate in events, which has transform our persona. Our complete thought process is now positive, we are ready to do any kind of task and face any situation. We have become good human begins above all and understood the significance of life.

   We owe a lot to Rai University and all the staff members who have together fulfilled our dreams and worked for our development.  We express our deepest gratitude and thank you for everything. The learning and memories we shall cherish all our life.

Dedicated by girls (achievers of DreamZ  Scholorship) to Rai University Life is Beautiful

Everyday of our life is beautiful, if we choose to see it. Every single step of our life is precious so never let go your golden opportunities because it will never come back in your life. We should believe every difficulty is an opportunity in disguise and thus never quit. Life is full of obstacles but not to worry, face the problems with smart decisions and never forget to wear a smile on your face.
We should erase the words “Can’t “and “Impossible” from our mind because such words create negative thoughts and vibes. So one should simply convert it to “CAN” and “POSSIBLE” as this will make our life perfect and beautiful. These two words will always encourage you to do everything to succeed in your beautiful life.

Sometimes you have to forget what gone, appreciate what is with you and look forward to what’s coming next, that’s the better way to make your life beautiful. Every minute, hour and day will never come back, therefore one must make every moment meaningful and worth living. Life is all about chasing your dreams, uncontrolled laughter, strange adventures, learning from cradle to grave, it is truly beautiful if we see it with an open mind.
Lastly, another thing significant in our life is that it’s always good to say “SORRY” and THANK YOU”  whether we do wrong or not we should say sorry because it will make us feel better and will teach us to value relations. Apologizing and accepting your fault is certainly not a mistake, it is strength. Life is beautiful if you know how to lead your life because life is what you make out of it. Everyday of our life should be a page of history!

Top three reasons to pursue your MBA with Rai University

A MBA, or a Master of Business Administration, is an extremely intriguing issue these days. Is this simply a pattern, a waste of time, or is there a true esteem in seeking after such a study program? It is demanding and expensive and it has got high entrance necessities, so why would it be advisable for you to choose a MBA?

We will attempt to make that acceptable and rundown the favorable circumstances of a MBA, particularly when it is a top business school with a decent notoriety. In this way, here are the main 5 purposes behind which it is worth to begin concentrating on an MBA.

1. Higher Pay
The normal pay for an MBA graduate is impressively higher than that of a representative with a standard expert capability. For MBA graduates the normal pay ranges from Rs 50,000 to Rs 120000 (in consultancy, fund or human services). That is practically twice as much of what you can hope to procure with a standard University degree. For this situation, in 2-3 years, you blanket the venture made in your MBA instruction which is evaluated to cost, for a 2 year MBA at a top business college, 100000 on normal.

2. Better Career Prospects
Whether you wish to further your current vocation by propelling in an administration position, or you need to seek after another profession, an MBA is certainly going to help your possibilities of attaining these objectives.
This point of interest of a MBA degree runs as an inseparable unit with the first and it is really the reason for the first. Graduates of an MBA system have, because of their capability, higher possibilities of getting and holding a large amount administration position. It is evaluated that 70% of the MBA graduates worldwide are senior supervisors or board chiefs. This sort of position brings along a higher pay yet obviously additionally a higher obligation and more working hours.

3. An all encompassing point of view over the business world
As said in the recent past, through examining an MBA you get to be some piece of an extraordinary system of experts and organizations and you continually move yourself with the freshest critical thinking. These things together provide for you an extraordinary review of the business world, a profound comprehension and a certain responsiveness to the slight progressions of nature. This kind of outline and affectability is difficult to attain without investing a ton of time on it. Likewise, as standard representative, your right to gain entrance will be confined to a significant part of the applicable data. As an MBA scholar or graduate this knowledge goes with the job and is an extraordinary stake to you as a chief, as well as to any potential executive.

On the off chance that you are the sort of individual that can deal with the test of holding an administration position, of having a ton of obligation and of being in a steady learning and advancement cycle, then you are likely a decent hopeful for an MBA.