Saturday, May 4, 2019

Math in nature

Mathematics is inseparable part of everyone’s life. It is not only a subject of curriculum but also cluster of literature, humour and all other arts. My little article makes these things more clear. Mathematics involves in each and every field but it has a unique relationship with the Nature. There are many examples like Black holes, DNA, Snowflakes, Sunflower Heads, Honeycombs, The Eclipse, Shells, Spider Webs, Human Features, Galaxies and many more. Some of them are described in this article.

These examples are interesting to learn. Let’s see some of them that give more clarity about mathematics in nature.

Black Holes
The presence of BLACK HOLES was initially founded by a mathematician. For better and deeper understanding of black holes concept, the quantum theory of physics would help us to make wider ways of black holes. In the year 1970, the scientist named Stephen Hawking learnt that there is something in it that they do radiate. Further it was confirmed that a tiny amount of light is also able to escape. The creation of Black hole is done by compressing the mass such that it collapses into itself. The best inspiring examples in nature are considering the earth as black holes if compressed to the size of walnut.

What is Snowflakes? A snowflake is an ice crystal that falls from the sky. But what about the mathematics? Well, it’s all about the similarity. Though it looks very easy, but it has created problems for science for long duration. Each and every snowflake was unique in its own way
This seems quite simple at first but it has troubled science for a long time. Especially when we consider the fact that every snowflake is unique in terms of their structure. Again the question arises why? The answer is that their bonds need to be more similar in their shapes and sizes. Each and every snowflake comes from the sky having good conditions.

Honey!!!!!!! The healthiest thing to eat- we all love! BEES make their honeycombs as a place to create honey. The shape of honeycombs shows about good compromise between strength and space needed for storage
In fact, mathematicians go so far as to say that no other structure would be better for its purposes. That is why honeycombs are an epic example of mathematics in nature.
Human Features
We humans are blessed to give expression about anything and everything.
The studies show that humans having facial features are more conveniently related to the golden ratio that is to be considered more physically attractive than the mathematically holy.

Spiral galaxies relates to the famous golden ratio. Mathematics offers more than the Fibonacci numbers. Our own galaxy, the milky-way, is incredibly mathematical. Apparently it is nearly similar, as if one half is a mirror image of the other.

These examples tell us that do not learn mathematics only as a subject, learn it with an interest because it is involved in every part of world. 

Rai University Ahmedabad
By- Dhiraj Parmar

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